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[raster] Audit usage of serialize/deserialize vs wkb/hexwkb

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An audit needs to be done to delineate the usage of serialize/deserialize and wkb/hexwkb. At the present time, serialize/deserialize and wkb/hexwkb are the same and has possibly caused the blind usage of wkb/hexwkb when serialize/deserialize is appropriate and vice versa.

The key difference between serialize/deserialize and wkb/hexwkb is:

  1. serialize/deserialize: Internal storage format. The output seen from a query like the following should be of this format.
SELECT rast FROM mytable
  1. wkb/hexwkb: Transport format. This format is meant for use by and must be explicitly called for by clients. To get wkb/hexwkb output, the clients must use ST_AsBinary().

The rational for this is so that in the future, these two formats can deviate from each other (particularly the internal storage format).

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I'm expecting this audit to take place for PostGIS 2.2.

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