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[raster] ST_AsGDALRaster ability to take set of rasters

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It just occurred to me that some raster types support multiple datasets e.g. animated gifs which would be nice for making time series movies of like climate changes where each raster in the dataset represents a different slice of time :)

MBTiles :) -- though I know those are readable in GDAL 2.0, not sure if they are generateable with GDAL 2.0 so that might be a theoretical.

things with pyramids where we have a high res, low res etc embedded in the file. Can't for the life of me think of one except MrSID and TIFF. I know there are others.

Right now our ST_AsGDALRaster takes as input only one raster which means as far as I can surmise, that it can only produce output rasters with only one data slice (set whatever you call it in GDAL speak). I guess we can in theory do it with gdal_translate tools etc, but would be nice to be able to do that right in the database.

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Summary: ST_AsGDALRaster ability to take set of rasters[raster] ST_AsGDALRaster ability to take set of rasters

Dataset and subdatasets. One format I know (and gives me headaches) that basically is a container is NetCDF.

From the looks of it, GIF in GDAL can't do animated. Then again, it can't do much at all...

Set of rasters to ST_AsGDALRaster... are we talking about an array of rasters or an aggregate function since both are reasonable and have their uses.

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I was thinking an aggregate function, but then again it would could have both similar to our geometry ST_Union can be used as both array and agg. though with an array, you can't use state transition function can you? so may be more intensive for large sets.

Damn and I was really looking forward to having animated gifs :). I hadn't tried that I just assumed.

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Animated gifs would be nice. But I'd need to be able to apply color ramps through SQL first... still so much work to be done ;-)

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