Downloading Source Code

OSSIM source code is available via Subversion (SVN). To check out the entire OSSIM distribution (ALL modules), simply type:

svn co .

To check out an individual OSSIM modules:

svn co<module> <module>

Example, get the ossim_package_support(required for build) and ossim module:

svn co ossim_package_support
svn co ossim

Current modules under trunk

  • csm_plugin
  • csmApi
  • gsoc
  • libwms - OGC wms support library
  • omarStager - ingest system for OMAR
  • oms - ossim mapping services (web)
  • ossim - core ossim library
  • ossim_contrib - external ossim contributions
  • ossim_package_support - Support module, contains cmake support among other things.
  • ossim_plugins - ossim plugin source
  • ossim_qt - qt3 interface libraries (includes ImageLinker, iview)
  • ossim_qt4 - qt4 interface libraries (new ImageLinker, iview)
  • ossimPlanet - core planet library
  • ossimplanetCocoa
  • ossimPlanetQt - planet Trolltech Qt Gui interface library
  • ossimPredator - support for predator UAVs
  • planet_mesage
  • pqe - Position Quality Evaluator Library(stand alone port of ossim's pqe code)
  • swigossim

Current modules under root

  • ossim_junkyard - A place for junk(deleted) code.

Get ossim_junkyard:

svn co ossim_junkyard
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