OSSIM 2.0 Wish List:

In no particular order:

1) Get rid of RTTI super macro and use now standard dynamic_cast.

2) Templated point class.

3) Change rectangle class to have a point and size instead of four points.
3a) Templated rect class.

4) Namespace entire baseline???

5) Fully implement image projection model.

6) Refactor drect, irect, clean up methods to provide simple image to ground and ground to image transforms.

7) Elevation Manager in OMS needs to be optimized to provide more efficient searches and caches

8) Tree layout:


9) Updated to GeoTrans 3.0 and separate image scale/tie from project/image stuff.

10) Since all file writes go through ossimImageFileWriter::execute(), move tiling code to there so that processors like ossim-orthoigen, ossim-dem don't have to be concerned with tiling.

11) Thread safe getTile.

12) Added "consumed" flag on setProperty.

13) Contour line filter. 13a) on/off contour line convenience switch in ossim-geocell

14) Make ossimMapProjection adjustable, i.e. have affine transform for registration purposes.

Additional Enhancement Requests from SPADAC

  1. Multithreading (inc. Thread safe getTile)
  2. Proper handling of Transparencies/Alpha Channel
  3. "Round earth" math model (distance calculations, projection math, etc)
  4. PROJ4 integration
  5. Read EPSG database directly from a database (vs custom csv files)
  6. Ability to use ANY raster data as elevation (jp2, img, etc)
  7. Tighter integration with GDAL. Currently there's a big performance hit when go through the GDAL Plugin vs Native (e.g. JP2, SID, etc)
  8. Faster/More Efficient Rendering of Vector Data (currently all vectors are read into a giant array)
  9. Registration Engine
    1. Image to image registration (accuracy transfer)
    2. Automated Tie Point Extraction
  10. GPU accelerated computations and rendering
  11. Unit tests
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