OSSIM Viewshed Utility

Computes the viewshed for the given observer position. The output is a geotiff image representing hidden and visible points within the field-of-view.

Usage: ossim-viewshed [options] <obs_lat> <obs_lon> <output-image>


--disable-elev Will disable the elevation --disable-notify Takes an argument. Arguments are ALL, WARN, NOTICE,

INFO, FATAL, DEBUG. If you want multiple disables then just do multiple --disable-notify on the command line. All argument are case insensitive. Default is all are enabled.

--disable-plugin Will disable the plugin loader --fov <start> <end> Optional arguments specifying the field-of-view

boundary azimuths (in degrees). By default, a 360 deg FOV is computed. The arc is taken clockwise from start to end, so for a FOV of 225 deg from W, through N to SE, start=270 and end=135

--gsd <meters> Specifies output GSD in meters. Defaults to the same

resolution as input DEM.

--hgt-of-eye <meters> Specifies the observers height-of-eye above the

terrain in meters. Defaults to 1.5 m.

--dem <filename> Specifies the input DEM filename. If none provided,

the elevation database is referenced as specified in prefs file

--lut <filename> Specifies the optional lookup table filename for

mapping the single-band output image to an RGB. The LUT provided is in the ossimIndexToRgbLutFilter format and must handle the three output viewshed values (see --values option).

--ossim-logfile takes a logfile as an argument. All output messages

are redirected to the specified log file. By default there is no log file and all messages are enabled.

--radius <meters> Specifies max visibility in meters. Required unless

--size is specified. This option constrains output to a circle, similar to a radar display

--reticle <int> Specifies the size of the reticle at the

observer location in pixels from the center (i.e., the radius of the reticle). Defaults to 2. A value of 0 hides the reticle. See --values option for setting reticle color.

--simulation For engineering/debug purposes --size <int> Instead of a visibility radius, directly specifies the

dimensions of the output product in pixels (output is square). Required unless --radius is specified.

--summary Causes a product summary to be output to the console. --tbs "Thread By Sector". For engineering/debug purposes --threads <n> Number of threads. Defaults to number of cores available.

For engineering/debug purposes.

--values <int int int> Specifies the pixel values (0-255) for the visible,

hidden and reticle pixels, respectively. Defaults to visible=null (0), hidden=128, and observer position reticle is highlighted with 255.

-K specify individual keywords to add to the preferences

keyword list: name=value

-P specify a preference file to load -T specify the classes to trace, ex:

ossimInit|ossimImage.* will trace ossimInit and all ossimImage classes

-V or --version Display version information.


ossim-viewshed --radius 10000 41.5 -110.5 output.tif

ossim-viewshed --size 1024 41.5 -110.5 output.tif

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