KML "Superoverlay" Plugin

The KML Superoverlay Plugin is used to generate tiled images for visualization in Google Earth:


The KML Superoverlay Plugin can be used to output both kml and kmz files. OSSIM apps like orthoigen and icp key off of the output file extension to determine which format to output.

  • kml Outputs a kml file and a set of image tiles into an output directory
  • kmz Outputs a single zip file that includes the kml file and image files you would normally get when outputting to kml

Writer properties

The KML Superoverlay Plugin exposes two writer properties used to specify the file format for individual tiles.

  • PNG
  • JPG


Convert a GeoTIFF to a KMZ file using orthoigen using visually lossless PNG compression.

ossim-orthoigen.exe --writer-prop FORMAT=PNG san_o.tif san_o.kmz
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