Histogram Operations

Example of a histogram match using USGS DOQs. The image on the left is a composite of 4 different DOQs. Each DOQ has a different radiometry. The image on the right is the output from orthoigen using a histogram match.

OSSIM provides histogram-based color enhancement options to change the output of your data based on a histogram file. Histogram operations include:

  • Auto Automatically adjust the histogram based on the min and max histogram values.
  • Match Automatically adjust the histogram to match another image.
  • Linear Linear contrast stretch using a standard deviation from the mean (e.g. 1, 2, or 3) or a user defined min/max value.

Note that histogram operation operations require an input image and a corresponding histogram file ("*.his"). The histogram file can be generated using ossim-create-histo or ossim-img2rr.

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