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    11= Windows Build =
     2== Visual Studio Build ==
     3I assume you have an svn client on windows.  we are using tortoisSVN on windows
    3 == Setting up dependencies ==
     51.  checkout the latest revions of ossim.  For my windows build I would put it under c:\ossim\vs2005\
     7so you have at least the following:
     9 * libwms
     10 * ossim
     11 * ossimPlanet
     12 * ossimPlanetQt
     13 * ossim_plugins
     14 * ossim_package_support
     162.  Download the ossim_dependencies from for the visual studio 2005 build.
     18you should extract and have a directory called ossim_dependencies in c:\ossim\vs2005
     203. Now let's compile the dependencies.  This is a 2 step process.  First go into ossim_dependencies\vcprojects. 
     21You only need to load the ossim_deps solution.  Make sure you have it set for release.  I have not fixed other modes yet.
     22Hit build solution.  This will create a 3rdParty directory used by OpenSceneGraph and for ossim into the ossim_dependencies\src\3rdParty.
     244.  Once the dependencies are finished cd into ossim_dependencies\src\OpenSceneGraph\VisualStudio. 
     25Open the OpenSceneGraphLib solution.  This is the only one that we have setup.  Set to release mode for build and hit build solution.  This solution
     26will put things under ossim_dependencies\src\OpenSceneGraph\lib\win32 and ossim_dependencies\src\OpenSceneGraph\bin\win32.  Once this is finished building you
     27are now ready to build the ossim libraries.
     31Building OSSIM:
     33If you want the GUI for ossimPlanetQt then you must download the GPL version of Qt 4.2.3 that we had fixed to produce visual studio projects.  We have it
     34here for download and it's called Qt.tgz or  Extract it at the root c:\.  It should produce the subdirectories c:\Qt\4.2-msvc2005\ .....
     36Setup the following envirnment variables under the control panel/System Icon.  On XP go to the Advanced tab and hit Environment Variables.  Add a user path to
     37c:\Qt\4.2-msvc2005\bin for the qmake executable.  Now add QMAKESPEC variable and set it to win32-msvc2005 so the make spec will target visual studio projects.
     38Finally setup the QTDIR variable to point to c:\Qt\4.2-msvc2005
     40Now you are ready to build the ossim tree.  This is again a couple of steps.  Most of the core we have a single solution for.  the GUI is a little different
     41since we must use qmake to produce the studio projects and then build.
     431.  cd into c:\ossim\vs2005\ossim\projects\vs2005.  Open up the solution project file. It is setup to do the non GUI builds and will compile ossim, ossimPlanet, libwms,
     44and the currently supported plugins.  Select the Release mode and hit build solution.  The output goes to C:\ossim\vs2005\ossim\projects\vs2005\release\bin,
     45C:\ossim\vs2005\ossim\projects\vs2005\release\lib and C:\ossim\vs2005\ossim\projects\vs2005\release\bin\plugins
     472. open up a visual studio command prompt by going to the menu option tools/Visual Studio 2005 Command Prompt.  This will setup for command line stuff for visual studio.
     48cd into the C:\ossim\vs2005\ossimPlanetQt. within there you should cd into src directory and type in qmake.  After that, you hould have an osismPlanetQt.vcproj in that
     49same directory.  Open that project up in Visual Studio and set to release mode and hit build.  It should put the libraries in C:\ossim\vs2005\ossimPlanetQt\lib.
     513. now cd into C:\ossim\vs2005\ossimPlanetQt\apps\ossimplanet.  run qmake and you should produce a file called ossimplanet.vcproj.  Open this up in VisualStudio and set to
     52Release mode and hit build.  this will put the ossimplanet.exe in release/ in the same directory.
     57Optionally a binary package can be created for windows installation.  We use the INNO compiler to build windwos installers.  You can obtain it and install it from here:
     59if this link is bad then do a google search for inno setup.
     61Once installed cd into C:\ossim\vs2005\ossim_package_support\vs2005.  You should be able to double click on a file called ossimPlanet.iss and it will bring up the inno setup
     62compiler.  If you hit the build buttun it will create a setup.exe file in the output directory in the same location.
     64== mingw build ==
     66=== Setting up dependencies ===
    467This can be a challenge at times. If the commandline is comfortable for you set up msys first.