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     1= Windows Build =
     3== Setting up dependencies ==
     4This can be a challenge at times. If the commandline is comfortable for you set up msys first.
     6* [ MSYS]
     7* Download QT4 binary installer from the Trolltech site and install their version of mingw in the msys/mingw folder. This will set up a compiler toolchain.
     8* Compile and install gdal, this is fairly simple. Install other closely linked packages as well including proj.4 and libtiff.
     9* Compile and Install OpenThreads and Producer libraries. Resolve dependecies as they come up. has a lot of useful binaries.
     10* Install ossim using standard ./configure , make and make install
     11* ossimPlanet console version can be compiled with standard make and make install as well
     13ossimqt is yet to be fully ported to Qt4.2
     14ossimPlanetQt however already works in QT4 and has been successfully compiled on windows using msys + qt4.2. Use the shell provided with QT 4.2 to perform this build.
     16* Add the mingw binary and dll locations to the PATH of the QT Shell.
     17* Modify the INCLUDE PATH and LIB paths as appropriate in the Makefile.Release files
     18* run qmake and make.
     19* Copy the binary and dll over to the same directory and run ossimplanet.exe