Recent OSSIM Version History

1.8.6 - Slated for June 2010 focused on GUI changes

1.8.4 - Slated for March 2010 to mainly address performance and stability

1.8.3 - Engineering release installed on system to address performance and stability issues - GRAILS 1.2 and JMETER testing added.

1.8.2 - Initial release of the SECRET SIPRNET capability with new staging capabilties

1.8.0 - Integrated various changes from operational feedback primarily focused on Large Data functionality

1.7.13 - Rebuild of 1.7.12 with new build procedures. OMAR and WMS enhancements to the baseline based on Large Data testing.

1.7.12 - fixed Sousa navigation initialization, note this released was pulled due to Windows virus in installer - build procedures modified accordingly

1.7.11 - fixes from user testing and feedback.

  • When adding a host to the broadcast section for collaboration, checking the enabled box causes ossimPlanet to hang and crash
  • Trying to relocate a file pointer in the layers list always results in that layer being moved to the top of the list
  • When opening images, kmls, etc, the open file dialog defaults to the OSSIM install directory, should default to last opened directory
  • Open Session dialog box is misnamed Save Session
  • OMAR
    • The user interface for the Search imagery page is much improved, however same improvements were not made to the video section
    • In the search results, the word Thumbnail appears before the filename column and there is nothing above the Thumbnail column

1.7.10 - OMAR user interface changes, dropped the UDP for navigation in ossimPlanet and went with TCP only.

The OSSIM/OMAR status. As a result of testing the previous version the following problems were found and fixed:

  • UAV video indexing would halt when encountering clips that didn't intersect with the ground. Additional logic was added detecting this condition. If the four corners of the frame do not interesect it defaults to using the center of the frame and then bottom corners. If these don't intersect the sensor position is used to geotag the clip.
  • UAV file pointers not closing, wouldn't open after 3000 images, bug fixed.
  • The staging and thumbnail generation process was not robust and would abort the process. Changed the strategy for the generation process. System now seems to work without hangs on large ingests.
  • Moved the definition of custom tag searches into the administration area. The system administrator can now define tags and tag names for database searches and the pop up menu on the web page.
  • Ability to select 3 map sizes
  • Left justified user input area on the bottom of the screen. Input from users of the system.
  • Numerous internal enhancements and structuring to enable web based services that will be introduced in the October release
  • Up is up thumbnail generation
  • Several image chain services are working in headless mode - chipper, ortho, two color, hillshade. Will be exposed in October release.
  • ossimPlanet changes
    • Red has fled, blue is new support in Layer Operations
    • Additional testing for shader capabilities under Layer Operations
    • TCP instead of UDP for Navigation
    • Binary installers for Windows/ Mac (will have to build SUSE on site)
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