OSSIM is one of the founding projects for the Open Source Geo-spatial Foundation OSGEO. All projects in the OSGeo need to go through an incubation process that will help guarantee the long term viability and continued open source status of the project.

OSGeo Incubation Steps

1) Getting organized governance structures in place and documenting them

if they don't already exist. Normally this is accomplished as some sort of RFC type document describing your project steering committee's operation.

OSSIM Governance Procedures

2) Do a review of your code base for possible issues. This is sometimes

referred to as a provenance review.

OSSIM Provenance Review

3) Make sure you have rules in place for your committers to ensure they

understand their responsibilities with regard to keeping the provenance clean after the review.

OSSIM Commiter guidelines

4) Review others issues with the openness and professionalism of the project

that you think should be addressed as part of incubation. In the past this has included things like institutionalizing use of a bug database, improving user documentation, and automated build and smoketests.

OSSIM openness evaluation

5) Consider taking advantage of OSGeo infrastructure hosting for things like

svn, downloads, trac, buildbot. As well as lightening the load for your project admins, it should also ensure fairly timely resolution of infrastructure problems.

OSSIM OSGeo Participation

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