Windows build with cmake:

Author: David Burken

Last modified: 21 February 2013

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Note: Windows command shell commands start with ":\>", unix commands start with $, anything else will be notes, comments. If you see a $ <some_command> The part after slash slash is a comment.

Environment variables
I put my build environment in a separate file that I source. I do this because I have more than one workspace, i.e. osgeo, geoeye, geoeye-dev. Usually I'll put this in D:\dev directory. Contents of ossim-vs10.bat file:

:: File: ossim-vs10.bat

:: Forward slashes for use with cmake and nmake.
set OSSIM_DEV_HOME_FS=D:/dev/vs10_x86

:: Backward Slash windows things.  We'll use MS for MicroSoft.
set OSSIM_DEV_HOME=D:\dev\vs10_x86

set QTDIR=D:\Qt\4.8.4
set PATH=D:\cmake\cmake-\bin;%OSSIM_DEV_HOME%\build\bin;%OSSIM_DEV_HOME%\local\bin;C:\Program Files (x86)\XEmacs\XEmacs-21.4.22\i586-pc-win32;%QTDIR%\bin;%PATH%

Make a workspace:

Top level, this is OSSIM_DEV_HOME:
D:\> mkdir dev\vs10_x64

ossim build dir:
D:\> cd dev\vs10_x64
D:\dev\vs10_x64> mkdir build

Sandbox for 3rd party dependencies:
D:\dev\vs10_x64> mkdir deps


Source the bat file for environment variables.
D:\> D:\dev\ossim-vs10.bat

First time through check out code. Note I don't like to check out the whole trunk so I do pieces.

I always build geos, libtiff, geotiff, gdal from the latest. You don't have to, it's up to you. Most of these you can get from yum but I find the code is usually way behind.

NOTE: Things I build with cmake I use an "out of source" build so I put in a sub directory of the package.

Needed by ossim.
D:\> mkdir %OSSIM_DEV_HOME%\geos
D:\> cd %OSSIM_DEV_HOME%\geos
Get code from svn or optionally download a release.
D:\dev\vs10_x64\geos> svn co geos-svn

Make a cmake config script
D:\dev\vs10_x64\geos> xemacs geos-cmake-config.bat
Use whatever editor you want, notepad, whatever...
Contents of script:

:: File: geos-cmake-config.bat

:: Development root dir:

cmake -G "NMake Makefiles" ^

D:\dev\vs10_x64\geos> mkdir build "out of source" build dir
D:\dev\vs10_x64\geos> cd build

Run the cmake command to set up the build system:
D:\dev\vs10_x64\geos\build> ..\

D:\dev\vs10_x64\geos\build> nmake

Install to sandbox:
D:\dev\vs10_x64\geos\build> nmake install

End of GEOS

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