This section lists projects which have installers and maybe documentation for OSGeo-Live, but have not yet been included in the release, likely due to the project not yet being mature enough to pass Live_GIS_Disc_Apply questions.

Installers for these projects can be found here:

i3Geo is a Web Based Geoportal with Geoprocessing, Analisys, Consult and Editing Tools that allows: the creation of interactive maps on the Web, the dissemination of data through OGC services, connect to social networks and download of data. i3Geo organizes data in a catalog of themes. The administrator can allow themes can be provided as a OGC service or for be download. Uses MapServer to provide OGC Services and OpenLayers Libraries for connect maps services. Stable from 2.006, now have more than 9.000 users registred and is part of Software Publico Brasil, official repository of the Brazil Federal Government

Contact: Valenty Gonzalez

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