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OSGeoLive translation moved to weblate. Please get involved!

  1. March 2023

OSGeoLive translations will soon move from transifex to a OSGeo hosted deployment of weblate [1]. Please do not translate at transifex [2] anymore.

Please join the translation team. You only need your OSGeo-ID to login.

It is easy to translate via weblate. And you will discover that it is fun. And you will see that there are other projects already.

You find the instruction for translators here:

Some languages are already available on weblate. Others are on the way:

  • sv
  • pt
  • nl
  • tr
  • zh
  • polish
  • russan

Please note that we do not use _LN anymore (for example only pl and not pl_BR).

You are welcome to join our team!

It is one possibility to give something back to the project you like.

Contact us

If you would like to add a new project or have another goal you would like to work on and get involved you are very welcome.

Please join the OSGeoLive mailing list [3] or meet us on Jitsi [4] at our weekly meetings (Tuesdays at 20:00 UTC) or join the mailing list.

About OSGeoLive

OSGeoLive (​ is a ​Lubuntu based distribution of Geospatial Open Source Software, available via a Live DVD, Virtual Machine and USB. You can use OSGeoLive to try a wide variety of open source geospatial software without installing anything.

The OSGeoLive team.



[3] IRC see Communication



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