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  • Press Release 73

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     1= Dropping broken packages from OSGeo-Live 10.5=
     229 March 2017
     4This to be sent to as email to, and project points of contact
     6Hi all,
     8We, the OSGeo-Live team, have been struggling to get the latest OSGeo-Live 10.5 release out due to quality issues. During our testing sprint, we have found many issues such as:
     9* Referenced layers from being unavailable,
     10* Quickstarts being out of date with applications, (especially screenshots being wrong)
     11* And some broken applications.
     13With this this release that we are running into a mismatch between aggregate volunteer hours available, and amount of work required. In particular, collectively we've had less volunteers from each project committing to updating and testing their applications and quickstarts. This may be in part our fault for not chasing enough, or for doing more and more of the work and having others then expect this from us.
     15But for whatever reason, we are going to have to make some hard decisions with regards to getting this release out. We don't want to compromise on quality, so we will be commenting out applications which are not working or have significant issues with quickstarts.
     17Projects which have been earmarked to be commented out are below (there may be others we find)
     19* PyWPS
     20* Cesium
     21* Java World Wind
     22* Iris
     24Projects with issues being looked into:
     26* QGIS
     27* GeoNode
     28* ZOO-Project
     30If you can help with fixing or testing applications then we will be super grateful. You can talk with us on Live-demo AT
     33* 30 March 2017: Finish accepting fixes/patches. Comment out broken applications
     34* 31 March: Build OSGeo-Live 10.5RC2
     35* 1-2 April: Testing sprint of 10.5RC2
     36* 4 April: Final release