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     1= OSGeo-Live Quickstart Hackathon - Wrappup=
     318 February 2013
     5As we are wrapping up the [ OSGeo-Live] 6.5 release, it is worth taking stock of the progress made during our recent [ OSGeo-Live Quickstart Hackaton]. This was kicked off by a 48 hour intensive hackathon, followed up by a couple of weeks, addressing issues found.
     7Our aim was to "''... bring OSGeo-Live documentation quality up one notch, by putting the Quickstarts through the same comprehensive testing and review that we have provided for our Project Overviews''". We set up a comprehensive [ 3 tier review process], ensuring that
     8* All steps from quickstarts have been updated by the original author,
     9* The quickstarts have been tested by an independent person,
     10* And quickstarts have been reviewed for usability and consistency.
     12And the results:
     13* at least 24 people joined the hackfest
     14* Out of 62 Quickstart documents:
     15 * 40 were brought in line with the latest 6.5 OSGeo-Live release
     16 * 28 were externally reviewed
     17 * 12 were comprehensively updated for readability and consistency. These included most of the high profile OSGeo projects.
     19And what did we learn?
     20* There is a lot of work involved in reviewing all these documents. We were spending in the order of 2 to 16 hours per quickstart for a comprehensive review. This is quite a bit of time when considering there are 62 documents.
     21* "Many hands might light work". The many contributors ensured we made some great progress on this task.
     22* We still haven't finished, but we are now in a good position to bring the docs in line for the next OSGeo-Live release, version 7.0.
     24== Participants ==
     25Thanks to all the contributors. (I think there are a few more contributors who didn't register)
     26* Cameron Shorter
     27* Angelos Tzotsos
     28* Hamish Bowman
     29* Brian Hamlin
     30* Alex Mandel
     31* Javi Sanchez
     32* Jorge Gaspar Sanz Salinas
     33* Sergio Baños Calvo
     34* Alexander Muriy
     35* Micha Silver
     36* Stephan Meissl
     37* David Mateos Pascual
     38* Roberto Antolín
     39* Andrea Yanza
     40* Javier Luque
     41* Yansa Tejada
     42* Agustín Diez
     43* Henry Addo
     44* Astrid Emde
     45* Eike Hinderk Jürrens
     46* James Klassen
     47* Argyros Argyridis
     48* Maria Vakalopoulou
     49* Alexander Muriy