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OSGeo-Live Project Overview deadline in 3 days

20 January 2013

We are scheduled to hand our OSGeo-Live Project Overviews to translators in 3 days (21 Jan 2013). According to our status spreadsheet, most Overviews are ready, but we are still waiting on a few.

Outstanding Project Overviews:

  • geoserver
  • gvsig
  • mapbender
  • mapserver
  • osm
  • ossim
  • otb
  • postgis
  • pycsw
  • R
  • spatialite
  • ushahidi
  • naturalearth
  • geos

What is involved:

  • Ensure that the version in the docs reflects that on the DVD, and that in the status sheet [1]
  • If required, updated the feature list or text
  • Once complete update the status sheet [1] to "6.5draft" if you have updated text, or "6.5final" if you have only changed the version number.
  • I'll review all 6.5 draft Overviews and set to "6.5final"
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