wiki:Press Release 25

Update OSGeo-Live docs and installer

16 January 2012

Could all projects which are to be updated since last OSGeo-Live release, please update Project Overviews, Quickstarts and ensure the application installer loads the correct version of software.

Once finished, update our status sheet. [1]

We'd like docs updated in time for translators by Monday 30 January 2012, in two weeks.

Project Overviews [2]

  • Ensure that the version is the same in the status sheet [1] and installed application
  • If required, updated the feature list or text
  • Once complete, update the status sheet [1] to "5.5draft"
  • I'll review all Overviews set to "5.5draft"

Quickstarts [3]

  • If required, update the Quickstart text, then set status in spreadsheet to "5.5draft"
  • Test that the quickstart works in a recent OSGeo-Live release, and if the Quickstart works as expected, update the "Tested by" column in the status sheet [1] to "5.5<yourname>". Report any errors to the application's developer and/or developer community and/or osgeo-live email list.
  • Have a independent person check the quickstart and add name to the "Tested by" column.

Installers [4]

  • Application installers should be updated to install the stable release, as listed in our status sheet [1].





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