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Last call for new projects wishing to be included on OSGeo-Live

This is a last call for any new projects who would like to be included on this year's OSGeo-Live DVD [1], which will be handed out at FOSS4G 2011.

If you wish to see your project included, then we will need to hear from you before the end of next week, Friday 10 June. In particular, send us an email as per:

So far, we have approved the following new applications to join OSGeo-Live:

  • mapproxy
  • geomoose

I'm hopeful that we will see an application from:

  • thredds
  • ncwms

With the release, we also offering to publish Project Overviews from OSGeo Libraries if a volunteer steps up to write them:

(GDAL, OSSIM and PostGIS are already included)


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