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add Ubuntu packagers emails

Bloomberg Analytics Group hosted a Jupyter Days event in San Francisco, April 2019

Jupyter Discussion Forum

Review of Ubuntu 1804 Bionic install of Jupyter

  • get the chroot-build.log for a recent nightly of OSGeoLive
  • look for references to Jupyter components
  • check the Ubuntu Bionic packaging website for details
  • note the Ubuntu packaging committer emails

Contents Include:

jupyter-core              4.4.0
python3-jupyter-client    5.2.2
jupyter-nbextension-jupyter-js-widgets    6.0.0
jupyter-notebook          5.2.2
python-jupyter-core       4.4.0
jupyter-nbconvert         5.3.1
R language                3.4.4
IRKernel  (git master branch snapshot) to /usr/local/share/jupyter/kernels/ir


JupyterLab is approaching 1.0; only 53 open issues at this time. Goal is to ship in time for SciPy 2019

npm is required to use any JupyterLab extension; npm is not required for basic JupyterLab install


commit msgs include a short hash, for some security. Jason and others do a build and upload to PyPi for pip users

Ubuntu Packagers

4/26/19 calculus -@ rezozer dot net gordon -@ chronitis dot net

Hi Jupyter Notebook Maintainers --

I am in a "Jupyter Days" studio event in San Francisco now, and Jason Grout and other Jupyter devs are in the room. We ( build once-a-year a specialty distribution of Ubuntu called OSGeoLive, based on the current Ubuntu LTS. Angelos cc'd does quite a lot of debian packaging for this setup, in concert with Debian GIS efforts, and of course we stay in synch with upstream Ubuntu LTS.

Reviewing the recent Jupyter packaging for Bionic, Jason has pointed to jupyter-nbextension-jupyter-js-widgets 6.0.0

Apparently the jupyter js widgets 7.x has been out and stable for a year, and compatability is good. Any jupyter widgets 7.x is compatible with 7.0, and newer is better because the newer builds like 7.4 just have more widgets.

Please consider making jupyter-nbextension-jupyter-js-widgets 7.x for Ubuntu Bionic 1804 upstream.

Thank you for your efforts and best regards from the SF Bay Area

sincerely --Brian M Hamlin

Historical Document

state of jupyter, Jan 2017 OReilly link topic

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