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Bloomberg Analytics Group hosted a Jupyter Days event in San Francisco, April 2019

Jupyter Discussion Forum

Review of Ubuntu 1804 Bionic install of Jupyter

  • get the chroot-build.log for a recent nightly of OSGeoLive
  • look for references to Jupyter components
  • check the Ubuntu Bionic packaging website for details
  • note the Ubuntu packaging committer emails

Contents Include:

jupyter-core              4.4.0
python3-jupyter-client    5.2.2
jupyter-nbextension-jupyter-js-widgets    6.0.0
jupyter-notebook          5.2.2
python-jupyter-core       4.4.0
jupyter-nbconvert         5.3.1
R language                3.4.4
IRKernel  (git master branch snapshot) to /usr/local/share/jupyter/kernels/ir


JupyterLab is approaching 1.0; only 53 open issues at this time. Goal is to ship in time for SciPy 2019

npm is required to use any JupyterLab extension; npm is not required for basic JupyterLab install


commit msgs include a short hash, for some security. Jason and others do a build and upload to PyPi for pip users

Historical Document

state of jupyter, Jan 2017 OReilly link topic

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