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Documentation tips

## Change an URL in all files with Perl

For example this url "" is not working anymore, we want to redirect to "" which is working.

Perl syntax is perl -pi -e 's/before/after/g' file

So we need to use that for several files:

  • English quickstart
  • English overview
  • translated quickstarts and overviews

To fix the url in English files, do the following :

perl -pi -e 's/docs\.kde\.org\/trunk5\/en\/kdeedu\/marble\/index.html/marble\.kde\.org/' doc/quickstart/*

perl -pi -e 's/docs\.kde\.org\/trunk5\/en\/kdeedu\/marble\/index.html/marble\.kde\.org/' doc/overview/*

For the translations do this:

perl -pi -e 's/docs\.kde\.org\/trunk5\/en\/kdeedu\/marble\/index.html/marble\.kde\.org/' locale/*/LC_MESSAGES/quickstart/*

perl -pi -e 's/docs\.kde\.org\/trunk5\/en\/kdeedu\/marble\/index.html/marble\.kde\.org/' locale/*/LC_MESSAGES/overview/*

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