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Documentation tips

Change an URL in all files with Perl

For example this url "" is not working anymore, we want to redirect to "" which is working.

Perl syntax is perl -pi -e 's/before/after/g' file

So we need to use that for several files:

  • English quickstart
  • English overview
  • translated quickstarts and overviews

To fix the url in English files, do the following :

perl -pi -e 's/docs\.kde\.org\/trunk5\/en\/kdeedu\/marble\/index.html/marble\.kde\.org/' doc/quickstart/*

perl -pi -e 's/docs\.kde\.org\/trunk5\/en\/kdeedu\/marble\/index.html/marble\.kde\.org/' doc/overview/*

For the translations do this:

perl -pi -e 's/docs\.kde\.org\/trunk5\/en\/kdeedu\/marble\/index.html/marble\.kde\.org/' locale/*/LC_MESSAGES/quickstart/*

perl -pi -e 's/docs\.kde\.org\/trunk5\/en\/kdeedu\/marble\/index.html/marble\.kde\.org/' locale/*/LC_MESSAGES/overview/*

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