22 Nov 2020:

15:52 Ticket #2261 (LXTerminal menu path is wrong for some document) created by miurahr
On OSGeo-Live 13.0, LXTerminal menu is on `System Tools -> …
15:45 Ticket #2260 (istsos quickstart has a typo) created by miurahr
istsos quickstart has a typo follOwing : 'O' should small 'o'

21 Nov 2020:

07:57 Ticket #2258 (Unvalid link in actinia quickstart) closed by neteler
fixed: Thanks for catching this. The correct link nowadays is …

19 Nov 2020:

22:53 Ticket #2259 (tomcat9 dead at startup) created by darkblueb
[…] […] so, a funny thing happened in the boot sequence today …
03:25 Ticket #2258 (Unvalid link in actinia quickstart) created by bakaniko
This link is not working anymore (error 404) 6-days NDVI, MOD13C1, …

18 Nov 2020:

13:03 Ticket #2257 (write a quickstart on how to work on the command line) created by astrid_emde
* write a quickstart about the commands you should know if you work on …

19 Oct 2020:

07:10 Live_GIS_Workshop_Install edited by mlennert

13 Oct 2020:

12:51 Ticket #1313 (dead links in html pages) closed by cvvergara
fixed: The past versions won't be modified

12 Oct 2020:

21:17 Ticket #2256 (python3-datacube needs cachetools) created by darkblueb
SETUP: base LUbuntu with osgeolive nightly PPA added ACTION: apt …

7 Oct 2020:

16:03 Ticket #982 (Upgrade sphinx environment to support linkcheck build goal) closed by cvvergara
fixed: I prepared actions based on the (last) commit message The commit …
11:45 OSGeoLive PSC edited by bakaniko
Retire Cameron Shorter from active PSC (diff)

3 Oct 2020:

02:29 Ticket #2255 (replacement of mapnik quickstart) created by kalxas
Since Tilestache is not going to be available in Focal, I am proposing …

1 Sep 2020:

09:42 Projects/Wishlist edited by kalxas
09:41 Projects/Wishlist edited by kalxas

28 Aug 2020:

12:54 How to document a project edited by bakaniko
12:54 How to configure a project documentation edited by bakaniko
06:05 Ticket #2254 ([translations] Actions & travis) closed by cvvergara
fixed: PR has been merged

27 Aug 2020:

12:06 Ticket #2205 (Update the Mapnik QuickStart) closed by cvvergara
fixed: Both PR have been merged, closing
12:04 Ticket #2194 (Update the cesium Quickstart) closed by cvvergara
fixed: The Changes have been merged, closing
07:01 Ticket #2254 ([translations] Actions & travis) created by cvvergara
Travis is taking around 16 minutes to check links in 4 languages Move …
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