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proposal for english documentation improvements

Reported by: lucadelu Owned by: live-demo@…
Priority: normal Milestone: OSGeoLive6.5
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During translation I find something for me strange in English documentation, that I like to fix

  • virtualbox_quickstart.rst
    • On linux do the following -> On Ubuntu do the following
  • osm_dataset_overview.rst
    • but the maps can also be viewed, imported, or edited in many applications such as Quantum GIS, OpenLayers, -> but the data can also be viewed, imported, or edited in many applications such as :doc:qgis_overview, :doc:OpenLayers <openlayers_overview>
    • polyline, and area coverage. -> polyline, area coverage and relations.
  • openjub_overview.rst
    • deegree -> :doc:deegree <deegree_overview>
  • geomoose_overview.rst
    • MapServer and OpenLayers -> :doc:MapServer <mapserver_overview> and :doc:OpenLayers <openlayers_overview>
  • gpsdrive_overview.rst
    • LANDSAT or OpenStreetMap -> LANDSAT or :doc:OpenStreetMap <osm_dataset_overview>
    • :doc:OpenStreetMap <osm_dataset_overview> data stored in a :doc:PostGIS <postgis_overview> database using :doc:Mapnik <mapnik_overview>
  • gpsprune_overview.rst
    • It uses OpenStreetMap imagery -> It uses :doc:OpenStreetMap <osm_dataset_overview> imagery
  • mapproxy_overview.rst
    • for an OpenLayers web client -> for an :doc:OpenLayers <openlayers_overview> web client
    • others in core features
  • metacrs_overview.rst
    • a lot of software after "The sub-projects that make up MetaCRS include:"
  • osgeoearth_overview.rst
  • qgis_overview.rst
    • through integration with GRASS -> through integration with :doc:GRASS <grass_overview>
    • PostgreSQL Database tables -> PostgreSQL/PostGIS Database tables
  • rasdaman_overview.rst
    • A rasdaman driver is a part of the GDAL -> A rasdaman driver is a part of the :doc:GDAL <gdal_overview>
    • a MapServer integration is available in beta -> a :doc:MapServer <mapserver_overview> integration is available in beta
  • viking_overview.rst
    • It works with OpenStreetMap data -> It works with :doc:OpenStreetMap <osm_dataset_overview> data
    • from services such as OpenStreetMap and -> from services such as :doc:OpenStreetMap <osm_dataset_overview> and
  • zoo-project_overview.rst
    • based on the GEOS and OGR Libraries -> based on the :doc:GEOS <geos_overview.html> and :doc:OGR Libraries <gdal_overview>
  • all pages a lot of standard could be linked to appropriate pages

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sorry double ticket for the same argument, I close this one. Please consider only r987

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