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Resolve java and servlet container versions

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Ideally we should only have one Java version on the LiveDVD. This is because:

  • The VM is RAM constrained (to 512Meg) and Java is RAM intensive.
  • Users are expected to open up one application after another, often not closing the prior applications. This will use up RAM, and once RAM is exceeded the machine will slow to the point of being unusable.
  • Also a somewhat important is to conserve space on the LiveDVD.

So we need to update the install_scripts to take this into account. As per this email thread , it seems that:

deegree is happy with either sun-java5 (preferred) or sun-java-6, GeoServer runs under sun-java-5 or sun-java-6 (preferred), gvsig runs under sun-java-5 only.

We should:

  • move: to
  • Update to install sun java 5
  • Update so that it doesn't install tomcat any more.
  • Ensure OpenJDK is not installed as nobody seems to be using it

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comment:1 by camerons, 15 years ago

I forgot to mention:

  • All java projects should include a comment to help future packages in their script along the lines of:

# Geoserver version 1.7 runs with both java-sun-1.5 and java-sun-1.6. # It works best with java-sun-1.6 # It can be installed into servlet containers: ... # The preferred servlet container is ...

comment:2 by tmitchell, 15 years ago

Component: GeneralLiveDVD
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Please remember to set the "Component" item of these new tickets to "LiveDVD". All the "General" ones go automatically to me and will go unnoticed to by the livedvd folks.


comment:3 by jmays, 15 years ago

I've done all this:

  • move: to
  • Update to install sun java 5
  • Update so that it doesn't install tomcat any more.

Someone should please make sure its working properly

What still needs to be done is this:

  • Ensure OpenJDK is not installed as nobody seems to be using it

Someone else will need to take care of this.

comment:4 by Jive, 15 years ago

Okay so there is where I am confused - the above discussion will provide a jre for applications like OpenJump to run.

install_geoserver still includes:

### Install proper Sun JDK echo "Installing Sun JDK 6" apt-get install --yes sun-java6-jdk

It is because of the install_geoserver that geonetwork and deegree can run...

Steps to take:

  • create install_jdk in addition to install_java

comment:5 by Jive, 15 years ago

it looks like geoserver is setting its own JAVA_HOME in its start and stop scripts; JAVA_HOME=/usr/lib/jvm/java-6-sun

With this in mind I am going to let the alpha-6 go out and see how the other applications are making out.

comment:6 by hamish, 15 years ago

is this one done?

comment:7 by jive, 15 years ago

There has been no discussion - is having the geoserver install providing a jdk working out?

comment:8 by wildintellect, 15 years ago

All but one project are using java-5-sun. I don't recall which one stuck to 6 but they included it in their script.

comment:9 by camerons, 15 years ago

Resolution: fixed
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Java version numbers resolved by release 2.0.3 (although not in the most consistent fashion).

Setting issue to fixed.

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