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ETF not deployed due to ETS download not present

Reported by: jenriquesoriano Owned by: osgeolive@…
Priority: critical Milestone: OSGeoLive15.0
Component: OSGeoLive Keywords: ETF
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Dear OSGeoLive team,

thanks for your efforts and congratulations for your excellent work.

We are reporting an issue in the ETF installation due to it is deployed but not loading some information needed.

We have tested the ETF deployment in the RC1. We have noticed that, the ETSs are not in the corresponding folder (/home/user/.etf/projects/inspire-ets-repository/). They should be downloaded and executed in the first deployment. We have checked the installation script and it seems correct, as we have ran it manually on the machine RC1 and the ETSs have been downloaded and the ETF is deployed properly.

Thus, it seems that there can be something in the virtual machine generation that has prevented the installation script from running completely. Probably in one of these lines of the installation scripts (/home/user/gisvm/bin/

if [ ! -d "$ETF_FOLDER/projects/inspire-ets-repository/ets-repository-osgeolive-15" ];then
	sudo mkdir "$ETF_FOLDER/projects/inspire-ets-repository/"
	cd "$ETF_FOLDER/projects/inspire-ets-repository/"
	sudo unzip -o "$TMP/"

Is there any hint that you can provide us with in order to get the installation script properly executed in the VM building process?

Thanks a lot.

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comment:1 by jbarrero, 6 weeks ago

Dear OSGeoLive Team,

again thanks for your effort.

We contact you again to share with you our current status with regard to this issue in order to know if you have progressed or can provide us with some insight to solve the issue.

From our side, we have been analyzing a different approach, which is not ideal but could solve the issue (our first option would be to solve the issue in the installer).
Please see below our rationale and the alternative approach.

The ETF, in order to work properly, needs to download a .zip file ( and unzip it at: $ETF_FOLDER/projects/inspire-ets-repository/.
These files are needed to load a set of tests in the ETF.
In the RC1, the unzipped file was not present in the mentioned folder.
We tested the installation script in the beta and it worked.
Thus, we are not sure of what could happen in the VM building process so these files are not present there.

Then, we have been considered a different approach where we download the in the start process. It is not ideal, but will also solve the issue.

We could make a PR of this potential solution, but, given that it is a kind of workaround, we would like to share it with you in advance.

Thus, our questions are:

1) Did you have the chance to check the issue in the installer so you can provide us with some insights to solve it?
2) Do you think it is appropriate to solve the issue by downloading and unzipping the required file in the start process as an alternative to solve the issue (a PR can be done inmediately from our side).

Thanks a million for your great contribution.


comment:2 by kalxas, 6 weeks ago

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Priority: normalmajor

comment:3 by kalxas, 6 weeks ago

Thank you for the feedback, it looks like we will need another RC for the VM version.

The only thing running after the ETF installer was this:

comment:4 by kalxas, 6 weeks ago

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