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Add doc building scripts into the disc

Reported by: bakaniko Owned by: osgeolive@…
Priority: normal Milestone: OSGeoLive17.0
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The doc building process is not easy but can be greatly automated.

Providing some scripts in the VM can help to reproduce in a contained environment.

I lately got some issues with configurations ( old installation going down, transifex not working one the alternative OS). So a few scripts can help prepare things in a well known place). I also don't know how to package

Proposed scripts:

  • install dependencies
  • configure environment
  • download github repo
  • update strings from Transifex
  • update po files in GH and Transifex
  • build and clean the docs (image resizing, file paths, ...)
  • package the docs

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comment:1 by cvvergara, 4 years ago

One option can be: When creating a tag add the zip file of the generated documetation on gh-pages Then the script can automatically get the documentation by getting the zip file from the tag.

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