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Remove QGIS guide docs

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Priority: minor Milestone: OSGeoLive7.0
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QGIS currently includes the docs "A Gentle Introduction to GIS" and the "QGIS User Guide" on OSGeo-Live.

I propose to remove them locally, and reference the current version on the web instead.

My reasons are:

  • We should only provide the docs which are specific to OSGeo-Live, and fit with OSGeo-Live templates, such that we maintain a consistent look and feel.
  • Readers will typically go to the web anyway in order to get the most recent versions of these docs.
  • This will reduce the number of files we need to think about maintaining and keeping up to date.
  • We should be looking out for ways to save space (although the space saving from docs will be minimal)

I've removed reference to these docs from the QGIS Quickstart.

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comment:1 by camerons, 11 years ago

PS, docs are:

.. _[1]: ../../qgis/qgis-1.0.0_a-gentle-gis-introduction_en.pdf .. _[2]: ../../qgis/QGIS-1.8-UserGuide-en.pdf

comment:2 by hamish, 11 years ago

I rather disagree, and propose that they be re-enabled in the QGIS quickstart for 6.5.

The QGIS user guide (11mb) is part of the help text for the program and therefore hold pride of place along side the executable binary. It's a complete no brainer AFAIAC.

The Gentle Guide to GIS (4.7mb) is a wonderful eBook for GIS beginners (I hadn't known about it before now), starting QGIS, and is a great intro to what you'll find in many of the projects on the disc. We should have more things like this on the live DVD, and take pains to promote them further. While not specifically a dependency of any software project on the disc, either is the "getting started with ubuntu" or OGC overview docs, and yet I think we'll all agree that it is useful for them to be there.

best, Hamish

comment:3 by camerons, 11 years ago

Resolution: wontfix
Status: newclosed

Based upon feedback from other OSGeoLive developers who all think we should keep the QGIS manuals, I'm closing this issue, and keeping the extra docs on OSGeo-Live.

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