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#688 wontfix Move tmp files to a subdir of tmp kalxas wildintellect

I'd like to propose that we put all tmp file in a subdir of /tmp. Something like osgeolive

The reason is that if we implement this I can actually mount a second virtual machine disk to /tmp/osgeolive and store all the downloaded files independent of any build. I could do it that way now, but I'd also get all the other junk that's in the tmp.

That means it will take less time to compress the builds for release, there is no need to copy the cached files on and off each build, and the build can work with or without the pre-cached files.

#707 fixed Clarify Documentation License live-demo@… wildintellect

Simon pointed out on the mailing list that we neglected to specify which CC license the docs are under. We should clarify that with the original authors, apply the change to the docs and make sure to include the nice Creative Commons graphic that is appropriate.

Quick fix is to assume CC Attribution. Long term I would suggest we move to CC Attribution Share-Alike

#736 fixed QGIS plugin bundle updates kalxas wildintellect

Plugin bundle is out of date, again. We should probably write a short script to pull the plugins we want rather than having to make a static bundle every time.

Built in Postgis connection doesn't seem to be there anymore, maybe syntax has changed.

Would be really good to ftools, GdalTools and possibly the database menu on by default.

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