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#946 fixed doc/index.html not redirecting to doc/en/index.html camerons camerons

This means that http://localhost comes up with a blank page (with just headings), when we want to land on our main page (in localhost/en/index.html)

This seems to be due to some fancy code that Frank Gasdorf has introduced, which I think is supposed to redirect to the correct language, based upon browser defaults, but for some reason doesn't seem to be working with my Firefox browser.

#1620 fixed Create a Travis continuous integration script for documentation cvvergara kalxas

Since the documents are now hosted under git (and mirrored on GitHub?) we can take advantage of the Travis continuous integration capabilities and catch any build errors before merging new code.

#2043 fixed Make develop/overview like master/overview cvvergara bakaniko

The overview develop branch for milestone 11 needs to have the same order of the projects as the current one:

Right now all the sections are scrambled, and cesium is missing

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