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#522 duplicate livedvd: update pgrouting script live-demo@… hamish


the pgrouting install script needs its package depends updated to work with Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic & be in sync with the rest of the disc.

specifically: postgres 8.4, postGIS 1.4, and libboost 1.38.

(... and whatever postgis 1.3 -> 1.4 adjustments need to be made to the sample dataset.)

thanks, Hamish

#654 duplicate Marble: Wikipedia links need disambiguation live-demo@… activityworkshop

If you click on a city in Marble and see the Wikipedia tab, it just shows the wikipedia page for the city name. If there is more than one city with that name, the wrong page can be shown.

Example: Victoria, BC, Canada - this shows the wikipedia page for "Victoria" which is just a disambig page including "Victoria (name)", "Queen Victoria" and so on. It would be much better if Marble was smart enough to go straight to the page "Victoria, British Columbia" instead.

Example2: London, Ontario, Canada - this shows the page for "London" which of course goes straight to London, UK. This should show "London, Ontario" instead.

Going to a disambiguation page is annoying enough but going to a completely wrong page is worse.

#767 duplicate geomajas: slightly longer startup delay needed live-demo@… hamish


the start_geomajas script could use a few more seconds on the start up delay. (didn't load in time for kalxas's iso->usb/netbook, just loaded in time for me on a VM)

the script is coming in with the .zip installer, so has to be adjusted upstream.


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