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#645 fixed Marble crash when cancelling layer generation live-demo@… activityworkshop

When running marble, if you select a layer for the first time (eg satellite view) then a progress bar pops up saying that it may take some time to generate the layer. If you press the cancel button, then marble crashes with a "Floating Point Exception".

If the system is running well then this dialog disappears again quickly so you have to be quick to reproduce this error. But if the disk takes time to spin up or it's a bit slow for some other reason then it's tempting to press cancel.

#646 fixed Viking confused by zoom out/in live-demo@… activityworkshop

Viking - if you zoom out a long way and zoom in again, the scale bar gets completely confused and the loaded track & map no longer appear. The Ruler tool then draws lots of lines all over the screen, which flicker and follow the mouse cursor. Closing and reopening Viking solves the problem. Problem is reproducible every time but maybe depends on speed of zoom?

#647 fixed Ossim typos live-demo@… activityworkshop

I'll put these together in one ticket because they're all Ossim-related and all fairly minor.

  1. Shortcut in start menu and in the desktop folder says 'OsssimPlanet', but should be 'OssimPlanet'
  1. There's a dead link from /usr/local/share/ossim/ossimPlanetUsers.pdf to a non-existent directory /usr/share/doc/ossim-doc/ - link should be deleted I guess
  1. The quickstart instructions say to load a kml file from /home/user/data/raster/*.kml but there are only tif files in this directory
  1. I also had OssimPlanet crash on me when I opened the Preferences dialog, but I can't reproduce this
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