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#2346 fixed Link problems osgeolive@… cvvergara

All the following problems were found on march 17, 2022 Marked as TODO on doc/ Here is the summary of problems (as in

        # link changed name to                                                                         
        # mostly used on the contibutors list.                                                                          
        # TODO need to verify the change is correct                                                                     
        # The project you're trying to access has been archived.                                                        
        # TODO Verify what happened to gmt because its for gmt_overview and gmt_quickstart                              
        # TODO verify what happened to the archive                                                                      
        # currently SSL_ERROR_BAD_CERT_DOMAIN                                                                           
        # TODO remove this line when the CERT is fixed                                                                  
        # Leaflet moved the documentation temporarly due to the Ucrania situation                                       
        # TODO hope for the war to be over and remove this line                                                         
        # Link does not exist anymore                                                                                   
        # Used in overview/liblas_overview                                                                              
        # TODO remove link from documentation                                                                           
        # Link changed locations                                                                                        
        # TODO change to                                                                
        # TODO change to                                         
        # TODO change to                                                                      
        # TODO change to                                                               
        # TODO change to                                         
#2345 fixed Transifex changes osgeolive@… cvvergara

Transifex has made many changes

  • transifex.yml file is required with more or less the following contents
    - filter_type: dir
      file_format: PO
      source_file_extension: po
      source_language: en
      source_file_dir: locale/en/LC_MESSAGES
      # path expression to translation files, must contain <lang> placeholder
      translation_files_expression: 'locale/<lang>/LC_MESSAGES'
  • the tx python client is deprecated and the new one is in go language.

This client is used to pull the translations. So the person doing the task of pulling the translations need to install the new tx client.

  • the tx/config needs to be updated for the new tx client
  • Wiki documentation of how to download translations and building the translated language to check for sphinx errors is needed
#2344 fixed gmt packages osgeolive@… cvvergara

On the documentation:

Things to try

Look at some of the examples found in: `/usr/share/doc/gmt/examples <../../gmt/examples/>`_

.. packages:
  gmt-doc (and -pdf)
  gmt-tutorial (and -pdf)

None of those packages mentioned (as comment) are installed and therefore the examples & tutorial are not there.

2 possible solutions:

  1. Install all those packages on OSGeoLive
  2. Use links from gmt homepage on OSGeoLive-doc and mention that those packages need to be installed.

For the moment I will solve on OSGeoLive-doc as the internal link is giving problems.

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