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#789 wontfix add casoil lab docs to the LiveDVD live-demo@… darkblueb

found here:

#792 wontfix misc notes from carl - RC6 live-demo@… darkblueb
Notes - Carl - Sunday - 
testing on booted .iso RC6

* arrange desktop icons differently

* help ison on the desktop should be renamed
  bigger, rename to "Start Here", etc
* existance of games on the disk
  lots of games, waste of space ?

* what is in /home/user ?
  is this arranged well ?

* QGis - open up the project file
  the project file indicated by the quickstart guide
  gives a warning about mismatched versions

* no root password inthe password file

* xfce4 Desktop closed unuexpectedly
  on two different days
* GeoMajas in the quickstart says
  apt-get install maven2.. 
  this is contrary to the "ready to run" cd setup
* Spatialite Quickstart
  two paragraphs should be merged, unclear, redundant

* Windows and Apple installer links at the bottom of the Help page
  dont go anywhere  .. (tested on mini-iso)

* QGis Quickstart
  go to a menu called Desktop, which is wrong
  the new name is Geospatial
#796 wontfix Create a larger maptiler screenshot image for overview page live-demo@… camerons

The maptiler Project Overview is not consistent with our standard, in that it doesn't include a 1024x768 (or 800x600) image. There is very nice, but small image which is being used for the logo.

This is particularly an issue when we try to create derivative works, such as our osgeo-live presentation which makes use of the larger image.

Can we please make sure that such an image is created and then included into the Project Overview.

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