User Notes

  • a Desktop GIS with plugins for PostGIS, WFS, WMS, GRASS, ...
  • Raster support depends on GDAL. For MrSID and ECW you need to install GDAL plugins (See pkg-gdal-mrsid and pkg-gdal-ecw for details)
  • Packages:
    • qgis: QGIS Desktop
    • qgis-server: QGIS Server
    • qgis-common: common dependencies of qgis/qgis-server
    • qgis-devel: headers and libraries for development
    • qgis-oracle-provider: Oracle provider for qgis/qgis-server
    • qgis-grass-plugin: GRASS plugin for qgis
    • qgis-globe-plugin: GLOBE plugin for qgis
    • qgis-full: (extensive) optional dependencies for qgis
    • qgis-dev: Nightly build of master
    • qgis-full-dev: (extensive) optional dependencies for qgis-dev
    • qgis-dev-pdb: debugging symbols for qgis-dev
  • Maintainer is JuergenFischer

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Open Tickets

PyScripter 3.4.1 failed with qgis python36 install, upgrade to 3.6.6, include tk/idle
gdal_merge.bat Runtime Error. QGIS 3.4.3 Standalone Installers for 32 and 64 bit Windows systems

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