The java package installs a Java runtime environment 6 + the Java Advanced Imaging libraries + native libs to make the imageio-ext packages work.

In order to be able to exploit the osgeo4w structure, keeping consistent with the original java jre structure, a bin and lib folder are needed. Therefore the jre is extracted and splitted into the root folder bin and lib, make that way the JAVA_HOME to be the root of osgeo4w, i.e. %OSGEO4W_ROOT%:

  • java.exe and native libs are extracted to osgeo4w\bin
  • other libs are put in osgeo4w\lib folder.
  • license files for ecw and similar are put in the osgeo4w\lib folder.

A script is created to set the JAVA_HOME environmental variable to be %OSGEO4W_ROOT%.

That way all the java based applications can exploit the virtual machine either through the JAVA_HOME variable or throught its direct path %OSGEO4W_ROOT%\bin\java.exe.

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java contains libxml2.dll
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Include PROJ Java/JNI bindings

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