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  • Raster / Vector format geospatial data access library (1.6 ABI)
  • This package tracks the 1.6 branch of GDAL/OGR, and will maintain C/C++ ABI compatibility to the 1.6 ABI indefinately. However, it is not compatible with the 1.5 ABI used by the primary GDAL package.
  • Currently all in one package for libraries, commands and docs.
  • The gdal-16 package unpacks in osgeo4w\apps\gdal-16 and does not disturb the normal gdal package. To actually use the gdal-16 package, run the "gdal16.bat" script in the OSGeo4W console window.
  • Note that while running the "gdal16.bat" script makes it possible to use the gdal-1.6.x utilities (like gdal_translate) it does not affect the other GDAL using programs like MapServer, or OpenEV which will continue to use the GDAL from the standard pkg-gdal.
  • Maintainer is FrankWarmerdam