apt command reference



available - show packages available to be installed
ball - print tarball name
download - download package
find - package containing file (from installed packages)
help - help COMMAND
install - download and install packages, including dependencies
list - installed packages
md5 - check md5 sum
missing - print missing dependencies
new - list available upgrades to currently installed packages
remove - uninstall packages
requires - print requires: for package
search - search package list
setup - skeleton installed packages environment
update - setup.ini
upgrade - all installed packages
url - print tarball url
version - print installed version


-d,--download : download only
-i,--ini=FILE : use setup.ini [D:/o4w/etc/setup//setup.ini]
-m,--mirror=URL : use mirror [!]
-r,--root=DIR : set osgeo4w root [D:/o4w]
-t,--t=NAME : set dist name (curr, test, prev)
-x,--no-deps : ignore dependencies
-s,--start-menu=NAME : set the start menu name (OSGeo4W)


For --mirror, local paths need to use file:///d:/path/to/packages format. The mirror used is remembered for future invocations, meaning you have to change it back to the default manually, e.g.:

apt --mirror= update
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