1. Adding license files on Server Side

Add a file with License Terms

Each package directory has many files like setup.hint file (which normally contains the short and long description for the package and other important things), the package tar file. First in order to add a license file for an especific package, you need to create a .txt license file in its directory package in server, for example:

    ssh   # log in into server 

    # For example, if gdal-ecw package has a non-open source license go there.

    cd /osgeo/download/osgeo4w/testing_license/release/gdal/gdal-ecw

    touch gdal-ecw-1.9.1-0.txt        # you need to create a .txt license file.

    echo "put all terms and conditions of the restrictive package" > gdal-ecw-1.9.1-0.txt  # Remember to save as .txt file and don't forget do format

Generate the Setup.ini file

The OSGeo4w Setup.exe downloads the setup.ini file with a list of all packages each time when it is run. This file should be recreated on the server by running the script invoking on the web each time packages are uploaded. You need to recreate the setup.ini in order to update it with all entries of licenses for each restrictive packages.

   # go to main directory of testing version or official in this case,
   # we use "/osgeo/download/osgeo4w/testing_license/" path directory, there is a script called

   ./   # it will run perl genini script and create the new "setup.ini" file
   # Now you can see the setup.ini file with license entries for each restrictive package   

2. Steps for Testing extend Features of OSGeo4W

  • Before you follow this steps you should do all configurations and build the installer, please go to
  • execute the following:
             cd setup   # go to setup directory which you must download of svn server with all sources.
             # this will produce configure file with a testing mirror (there are other mirrors for x64) 
             ./  --enable-mirror=
              make # this will produce the osgeo4w-setup-x86.exe installer for x86 machine 
             ./osgeo4w-setup-x86.exe --arch=x86
  • Choose the next option with new feature: Advance Install > Install from internet > Root Directory > Local package directory > Direct connection
  • Choose a restrictive package for example 'gdal-mrsid' or 'gdal-ecw' or both(remember if you want to see its license, you must have create it in step one) and choose another normal package for example: 'gdal-java'.
  • Setup will download the license file from remote server into your local directory "Local Package Directory" (/OSGeo4W/etc/licenses/ path),you can see it.
  • Next step osgeo4w-setup-x86.exe will load the file license into a window dialog, with its terms, and If you agree you can continue installing.
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