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FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Express and Advanced Installation?

The Express install is a quick way of installing some of the most high profile OSGeo4W packages in a minimum number of steps. The downside is that the express install does not allow control over many details of the installation such as where to install, use of proxies, and local cache directory selection. It also does not provide access to some of the less common packages, special versions of packages, and add-ons for packages.

There is no harm in using the express install on a first pass through to get up and running, and then going through advanced install later to add additional packages.

Is there a way to get bug fixes after I have installed?

Yes. The default mode for the OSGeo4W installer is to check the server for newer versions of package, and if available they will be downloaded and installed. The OSGeo4W package maintainers generally try to issue new versions of packages for project point (bug fix) releases, and sometimes even more frequently. As well, new versions of packages may be issued to correct packaging problems.

Currently the upgrade mechanism only appears to work fully (for all installed packages) if the installer is used in advanced mode. It should be sufficient to select Advanced and then hit next for all the following dialogs without changing any settings. It is intended that the same approach will work with express mode in the future.

Is there a way to avoid updating/upgrading all packages?

When going through the Advanced install path, it is possible select "Keep" on the radio buttons near the top of the Select Packages dialog in order to default to keeping the existing versions of packages instead of updating to the latest. The default setting (Curr) updates to the most current version.

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