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SAGA downgrades to 2.0.8 by default when installing or modifying installed packages

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If you install SAGA GIS 2.1.0 it works.

But if you go back into setup later on and do anything, when you hit next the installer always switches SAGA to 2.0.8 and installs that version.

You have to always make sure that you change SAGA back to v2.1.0 so that it isn't downgraded.

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comment:1 by saultdon, 9 years ago

This is for the 64bit installer.

comment:2 by jef, 9 years ago

As far as I known QGIS doesn't work with SAGA 2.1.0 yet and it was there marked as "test" version. The "curr"ent version is SAGA 2.0.8. So what you describe should happen when "Curr" is activates installer (and not "Exp").

comment:3 by saultdon, 9 years ago

But this is a bug relating to SAGA though and not QGIS.

When a user installs SAGA 2.1.0 (stable) the installer shouldn't be forcing them back to 2.0.8 (legacy).

I don't really think SAGA (stable at 2.1.0) should be marked as "testing" because that's actually the stable release and if the Processing framework/plugin in QGIS isn't upgraded to the latest API changes than that seems like a separate issue that the Processing Plugin maintainers would have to address.

comment:4 by saultdon, 9 years ago

There's an option in the configuration for Processing that looks like it's already updated to use SAGA 2.1.0. Because SAGA tools are running in the processing toolbox fine without error. I wonder if there are specific SAGA 2.1.0 tools that won't run in processing?

When a user has the old saga version (<2.1), they actually have to go into the Processing "providers" portion and check "Enable SAGA 2.0.8 compatibility". This is what's needed with the current OSGeo4W installer.

comment:5 by pcav, 8 years ago

It should be fixed now. Please check and report here. Thanks.

comment:6 by saultdon, 8 years ago

Resolution: fixed
Status: newclosed

Works, SAGA stays at 2.1.2 currently.


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