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Error connecting

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I'm trying to connect to the mirror available at but I cannot connect. Have you changed passwords? I always did it through Filezilla.

I'm accessing to wiki without any problem.

We need to upload the binaries of the new gvSIG Desktop version.

Thank you very much. Best regards,

Mario Carrera

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comment:1 by jef, 5 years ago

Access is now limitted to ssh with key. Share your public key please.

comment:2 by jsanz, 5 years ago

Hi SAC, any chance someone can give a hand to Mario on this one?

comment:3 by jsanz, 5 years ago

oh, sorry @jef, I didn't see your comment, I'll give a hand to Mario on generating the SSH key

comment:4 by gvsig, 5 years ago

Hello, my public key is:

ssh-rsa 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comment:5 by gvsig, 5 years ago

The key has been created for "mcarrera77" user (mail: mcarrera at gvsig com).

comment:6 by jef, 5 years ago

Please try (login gvsig)

comment:7 by robe, 4 years ago

are we all set here or is gvsig still having issue?

comment:8 by gvsig, 4 years ago

Resolution: fixed
Status: newclosed

It has been solved. I could access some days ago, and I could delete old binaries and upload the last version.

Thank you very much.

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