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Convert some of our physical/virtual servers to LXD containers

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I read about this tool that converts a file system to a container detailed in 3.0.0 release (we are running 3.0.3 on Osgeo7)

The tool is called lxd-p2c

and instructions for using detailed here:

I'm thinking we can use it to migrate some of our older VMs to osgeo7 and then work later on upgrading them.

Not sure which is a good one to try with. I suppose I can take one of my virtualbox VMS I don't care much of and experiment with it on my own lxd server to make sure I have the process right

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Milestone: Sysadmin Contract 2019-I

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FYI I've already used this tool and it's working great.

So far I've used it to pull an image of the following -- many flagged as separate tickets so I'll close this out and remainder I do I will record as separate tickets. (old-projects on osgeo7) --, are now being served by the new lxd container.  I don't think there is anything left on old server we need so will retired soon. (old-web on osgeo7) --, are running off these, a lot of the remaining things appear to be redirects which we should probably move directly to nginx as redirects.  No point in hopping to a container just to be redirected elsewhere (old-adhoc) -- I told OSUOSL to repoint the name to osgeo7.  I created a to test -- - this one I need to reimage cause first time mysql was running so didn't get a clean backup (was corrupted).  I do however have repointing at osgeo7 and being proxied thru the nginx container https -> https  (I think this will even work when SSL cert expires as I don't think nginx will care it's proxying to an expired https, but the users will be getting the non-expired letsencrypt.
I didn't want to go https -> http (as they are public Ips so it really not encrypted that way) (old-secure container) -- I imaged this one but have it off on osgeo7.  This one is going to be a bit tricky mostly because I don't know much about LDAP (I believe the ldaps might be using the STAR osgeo key which will expire soon (not sure how ldaps works to be sure).  I'm going to need help with this one as it controls everything.  The debian on it is debian6 - yikes way past it's prime.

I'm also not sure how the whitelists work -I think this one I'll need to give a real ip too (not proxy port) so it can see the ips it's whitelisting ( -> (wordpress-dev) -- this one I imaged just so we can have exact replica of our running www server for dev purposes. and are running on this container -- and pulling from git like the old - as Vicky has documented here -

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