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Travis/GitLab/Jenkins badges not shown anymore on postgis/geos trac wiki

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As reported in some badges are not shown anymore on PostGIS wiki since the recent upgrade.

I found the problem being with


Attribute being added to the img tag. This is done by Trac itself because we surely haven't added that manually.

Example showing the fix:

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comment:1 by strk, 6 years ago

There seem to be a trac configuration to lits safe origins:

Any domain listed there ("*" allowed) would be rendered w/out 'crossorigin="anonyomous"' I don't know why it was working before the upgrade, maybe the default render_unsafe_content configuration for [wiki] section used to be true ?

comment:2 by strk, 6 years ago

Resolution: fixed
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render_unsafe_content is currently set to disabled/false for each environment (rather than globally). No safe_origins is set. I've set safe_origins to * globally and it fixed the problem (possibly raising other problems but better discuss this separately)

comment:3 by strk, 6 years ago

For the record, the global config change is in this commit: (requires login and permission to view)

comment:4 by strk, 6 years ago

And here's the possible commit which changed things between previous Trac version and current:

commit 46f42cbc494991dcd3b87c63d60c48bc0020faac
Merge: 9d238d0 ab581b8
Author: jomae <jomae@af82e41b-90c4-0310-8c96-b1721e28e2e2>
Date:   Wed Jun 14 03:22:34 2017 +0000

    1.2.2dev: merge [16025] from 1.0-stable
    git-svn-id: af82e41b-90c4-0310-8c96-b1721e28e2e2

commit ab581b8f99a022be5049174e100d775e051a6426
Author: jomae <jomae@af82e41b-90c4-0310-8c96-b1721e28e2e2>
Date:   Wed Jun 14 03:19:01 2017 +0000

    1.0.15dev: add `[wiki] safe_origins` option to avoid `crossorigin="anonymous"` attribute (refs r15894)
    git-svn-id: af82e41b-90c4-0310-8c96-b1721e28e2e2

commit bc37331bd5264e4de9e31284b6de91975ccc7b81
Merge: 69d4755 1e3f7a2
Author: jomae <jomae@af82e41b-90c4-0310-8c96-b1721e28e2e2>
Date:   Fri May 12 08:23:27 2017 +0000

    1.2.2dev: merge [15894] from 1.0-stable
    git-svn-id: af82e41b-90c4-0310-8c96-b1721e28e2e2

commit 1e3f7a291df40d67ec88c42ed88c42fc91ebe5bd
Author: jomae <jomae@af82e41b-90c4-0310-8c96-b1721e28e2e2>
Date:   Fri May 12 08:17:15 2017 +0000

    1.0.14dev: avoid password prompt for cross-origin resources
    git-svn-id: af82e41b-90c4-0310-8c96-b1721e28e2e2

comment:5 by TemptorSent, 6 years ago

I believe safe_origins should be set to reflect the domains we actually want remote data to be included from, such as, *, *, etc. The crossorigin="anonymous" tag mitigates user tracking an phishing attacks by causing the request to be made without submitting cookies, credentials, or other identifiable information, which an untrusted remote host may be able to use in nefarious ways.

comment:6 by strk, 6 years ago

According to specs, 'crossorigin' img attribute (added in HTML5) should have to do with using the image as a canvas, but not prevent its loading. See Instead browsers are not loading the resource at all.

There are 24 trac instances under OSGeo: - we don't want to restrict the possibility to load images from the network to an handful of "trusted" sites, and why should we trust anyway ?

That said, if the servers serving the images would allow cross-origin use, as it would make sense for public badges, this problem would not exist. We can fix the ones under our control but we cannot fix the travis/gitlab-ci ones.

in reply to:  2 comment:7 by martin, 6 years ago

Great, thanks !

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