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wp site login out-of-synch

Reported by: darkblueb Owned by: webcom@…
Priority: normal Milestone: Website v2.1
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following the link from jgarnetts recent email, I went to the new wordpress site, and logged in.. so, this is staging, with no '2'

  • login with my LDAP id, I get a dashboard from wordpress
  • click on 'view site' in the upper left
  • navigate to the members page, via the dropdown menu

At this point, I have the wordpress dashboard header bar over the top, which says 'howdy darkblueb' but the OSGeo page below is shows 'Sign In'. Perhaps this is cosmetic, but it is not right..

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comment:1 by cvvergara, 6 years ago

Should say "Log Out" or be blank The Log Out is hovering over the image on the top right

comment:2 by cvvergara, 6 years ago

Checking the status of all open tickets of the milestone due on Jan/15/2017

Can this ticket be moved to website v2.1 milestone or is it crucial to not show the "Log In" before the due date?

comment:3 by cvvergara, 6 years ago

Moving to next milestone.

comment:4 by cvvergara, 6 years ago

Milestone: Website rebranding 2017Website v2.1

comment:5 by darkblueb, 6 years ago

<darkblue_b> cvvergara I am looking through wordpress things here (on a different task) .. and I just noticed.. the content HTML of a page, while I am logged in as editor/admin on my own wp site shows :

   <body class="page-template-default page page-id-2541 page-child parent-pageid-1166 logged-in admin-bar no-customize-support">

see how they add the class "logged-in" there ? wordpress is adding and removing those based on the login status. So, the bug might be shown in the osgeo wordpress (wp) by.. log in, go to Projects -> gdal (for example).. get page source..

  <body class="project-template-default single single-project postid-1934 logged-in admin-bar no-customize-support gdal">

I see that the gdal project page is a blog post.. and that the class "logged-in" is there . One theory is, perhaps something in the event handlers (?) in the GetInteractive customization .. "consumes" the login events.. before they get to the framework where the login status changes

I dont know.. I am not going to go further right now.. but that is certainly part of the bug

comment:6 by cvvergara, 6 years ago

I need to find if there is a customization related thing

comment:7 by cvvergara, 6 years ago


Click Sign In: Takes you to the Log in screen Click Log in button ( on the log in screen) take you to the Dashboard (user status signed in) Click Visit site: takes you to the home page The issue us "Sign In" message shows even that the user is logged in Clicking on Sign In again, takes you to the dashboard skipping the the Log in screen.

The menu that supports that code From:


                        'menu' => 'metamenu',
                        'container' => FALSE,
                        'container_id' => FALSE,
                        'menu_class' => '',
                        'menu_id' => FALSE,
                        'depth' => 1,
                        'menu_class' => 'metamenu list-inline'

So maybe have a: (using pseudocode)

If (user_is_signed_in()) 
  'menu_class' => 'metamenu list-inline_no_sign_in_msg'
  'menu_class' => 'metamenu list-inline'

OR a wonder if the user can go back to the Dashboard

If (user_is_signed_in()) 
  'menu_class' => 'metamenu list-inline_with_Dashboard_msg'
  'menu_class' => 'metamenu list-inline'

Is there a plugin that does this?

comment:8 by darkblueb, 4 years ago

unchanged in WordPress 5.2.4 running Roots theme .

comment:9 by robe, 3 years ago

Is this still an issue?

comment:10 by robe, 18 months ago

Resolution: wontfix
Status: newclosed

Going to close this out since no comment on my last note over a year ago.

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