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GeoTIFF Trac does not show latest SVN revision

Reported by: rouault Owned by: strk
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Description is stuck at revision 2751 whereas I committed 2762 4 days ago.

I'm wondering what happened between 2751 and 2762... Those revisions seem to exist nowhere.

And strangely mentions a r2762 47 years ago...

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comment:1 by rouault, 7 years ago

My local svn log

r2762 | rouault | 2017-04-14 13:48:02 +0200 (ven. 14 avril 2017) | 1 ligne

replace CPL_DLL by GTIF_DLL
r2751 | rouault | 2017-01-10 13:53:58 +0100 (mar. 10 janv. 2017) | 1 ligne

Update to EPSG v9.0 (#83)

comment:2 by strk, 7 years ago

There is something wrong with trac configuration for geotiff. The [repositories] section of trac.ini only mentions an SVN repository path that does not exist.

Who's the manager of that instance ?

comment:3 by strk, 7 years ago

geotiff, as well as csmap, proj4j and proj4js all list a subdirectory of the "metacrs" svn repository as their repository base directory.

But the metacrs "post-commit" hook only reports the changes to the "metacrs" trac instance, which would explain a lost sync.

Enabling per-request sync in the geotiff trac.ini doesn't seem to get back in sync though, not sure if that's related to this weird layout (subdirectory in SVN, which doesn't exist on the filesystem).

comment:4 by strk, 7 years ago

I shall note that latest SVN revision is known by the metacrs trac instance, which is where all commits for the aforementioned projects get notified:

comment:5 by strk, 7 years ago

I've manually re-synced the repository, which fixed the current situation, but I'm afraid the per-request sync is not working, which means things will get out of sync again on next commit.

comment:6 by strk, 7 years ago

So after testing with Even we can confirm that the .sync_per_request = true trac.ini setting does NOT work for subdirectory Subversion repository. This should probably be filed upstpream to Trac trac.

comment:7 by rouault, 7 years ago

I've attempted to report to upstream Trac:

comment:8 by strk, 7 years ago

Component: Systems AdminTrac
Owner: changed from sac@… to strk
Resolution: fixed
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I finally sorted this out: the per-request sync was not working due to a syntax error in trac.ini (using hash for inline comment is not appropriate, you need semicolons). Now I've fixed the syntax and enabled per-request sync for all affected projects (metacrs sub-projects). And I filed #1911 to improve the performance by using proper explicit sync again.

comment:9 by rouault, 7 years ago

Thanks Sandro !

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