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Access (editing) to OSGeo Journal OJS and Journal website

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Priority: normal Milestone: Sysadmin Contract 2023-II
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There are two OSGeo Journal "landing" pages, and One is probably a Drupal page and the other is an OJS instance.

Currently, no one on the OSGeo Journal Team has editing access. Can someone on SAC give us access? If so, Landon Blake (surveyor), Franz-Josef Behr (fjbehr), Barend Kobben (kobben) and me could all benefit from this.

Thanks, Eli

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comment:1 by EliL, 10 years ago

Alex has given me access to edit

To get access to edit OJS at we need to help out. Specifically: 1. how to get access currently 2. make access ssl 3. maybe roll access over to osgeo ldap 4. ensure OJS is up to date (I think that it isn't so this would be trying a test migration/upgrade in a test environment)

Frans-Josef and Barend, can either of you help on this or do either of you have OJS experience?

comment:2 by christian, 10 years ago

I would like to help on the migration/update of the OJS for the OSGeo Journal.

If I can get acces to the existing installation and a test environment (as suggested above) I can work on it.

comment:3 by wildintellect, 10 years ago

I've added Christian to the the shell group. Try logging in to webextra (aka For sandbox we can probably just make another folder alongside the existing install for the new version. Update this ticket with what else you need access to.

comment:4 by christian, 10 years ago

Thanks, I can login on the server. I found the location of the OJS installation.

If I can get access to the of the OJS instance, I will be able to solve 1. (get access). The db credentials are in the Using the db credentials, I can assign registered Users of the OJS instance any roles.

For 2. (make access SSL), there is already a site called 'journal-ssl' enabled in apache2. I would have to check with the OJS instance and the apache error logs, why SSL is not working already? According the OJS documatation it is a simple boolean to set for forcing the use of SSL...

For 3. (LDAP access), I found that this is configurable from the frontend, and should be straight forward, if the LDAP server data is available.

According 4. (OJS is up to date?), the current running version is 2.4.3, the latest stable release of OJS is 2.4.4-1. I can try the update in a sandbox if I can get write access to a (web accessible) folder, and a DB.

PS: Should I "accept" the ticket, to assign it to me?

comment:5 by wildintellect, 10 years ago

You now have sudo. Yes you can reassign the ticket but if you do I think you have to add the list to the CC list. I can't recall if that affects main SAC tickets.

I'd get 1-3 done, then we can work on 4 in a new web folder.

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