MetaCRS TestSuite

This wiki page is home to discussion about a set of standard MetaCRS test data files. These files will allow users/programmers to verify the coordinate conversions/transformations performed by projects under the MetaCRS umbrella.

Test File Format

The current concept for the test data files is a monolithic CSV file in which each row contains the data needed to verify a single tranformation/conversion between two (2) coordinate reference systems (in a single direction).

The form and format of the test data file(s) may evolve as work continues.

Test File Schema

Column NameType Description
testNameString Description or name of test
testMethodString Descritption of test method
srcCrsAuthString Source CRS definition governing Authority
srcCrsString Source CRS Identifier within Authority catalog
tgtCrsAuthString Target CRS definition governing Authority
tgtCrsString Target CRS Identifier within Authority catalog
srcOrd1Number Source Ordinate 1
srcOrd2Number Source Ordinate 2
srcOrd3Number Source Ordinate 3
tgtOrd1Number Target Ordinate 1
tgtOrd2Number Target Ordinate 2
tgtOrd3Number Target Ordinate 3
tolOrd1Number Tolerance for Ordinate 1
tolOrd2Number Tolerance for Ordinate 2
tolOrd3Number Tolerance for Ordinate 3
usingString Test method used
dataSourceString Source or provenance of test data
dataCmntsString Comments about test data
maintenanceCmntsString Comments about maintenance changes

Ordinate Order

The convention used in the test suite is that axis (ordinate) order is determined by the coordinate reference system used. All coordinate reference system specifications need to either provide an assumed axis order, or specify it explicitly. It is the responsibility of libraries which use the test suite to be able to determine axis order from the coordinate reference system definition.


Mailing List

Users and developers of the Test Suite should use the main MetaCRS mailing list.

Source Code

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