Optional New API Syntax

Available by re-swigging(sp?) with NEXT_GENERATION_API swig -perl5 -shadow -DNEXT_GENERATION_API mapscript.i

Optional New Naming Convention

Available by re-swigging(sp?) with NEXT_GENERATION_NAMES swig -perl5 -shadow -DNEXT_GENERATION_NAMES mapscript.i


Here is a simple perl example that loads a mapfile, creates an image and saves it:

#!/usr/bin/perl -w
use mapscript;
# Include XBase for access to XBase/DBF files.
use XBase;
# Include DBI so XBase files can be queried in an SQL manner.
use DBI;
# Start the map.
my $map = new mapscript::mapObj('') or die('Unable to open mapfile.');
# Render the map.
my $img = $map->draw() or die('Unable to draw map');
# Save the rendered image.
my $void = $img->save('example.png');

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